You sir.. are an idiot

Texas Tech athletic director Gerald Myers has to be the dumbest man in college football.

For those who don't know, Myers put a deadline on current coach Mike Leach to approve a new contract extension filled with baloney language about non-related Red Raider activity as well as the idea that if he doesn't sign the extension soon he'll be fired.

Guns up...

This doesn't make sense on any front. Texas Tech is not Ohio State or Oklahoma here. In fact, the Red Raiders play in Lubbock, an obscure town in west Texas and have never won a Big 12 title (though Leach and co. deserved to have a shot last season).

To make matters even more bizarre, Leach turned around a program that was messed up on more levels than football. Take into account this program was on probation before he arrived and also had terrible graduation rates.


Leach's innovative offensive scheme breaks records, sells tickets, wins games and pumps out the conference's highest graduation rates.

Leach's reward?

Commit to us forever or you're fired, essentially.

Both sides claim it's not about the money and that appears to be correct because Leach was ready to sign the deal before the athletic director added some troubling stipulations to the contract.

Among the many: Leach has to have permission from the athletic director to interview at any school and can be fired for not seeking permission.

Who in the world would WANT their coach to interview elsewhere? How does that make a lick of sense?

Another stipulation calls for Leach to only receive 12 percent of his contract if he is fired (well below NCAA coaching standards).

Say Leach gets offered a job and decides to leave? It'll cost him a buyout of $1.5 million, an elevation from the $500k buyout he currently has.

But what is the most ludicrous rule?

Any money made outside of his coaching contract due to his appearances, book deals or otherwise goes to the university.

No one in their right mind would agree to that and if they did, it wouldn't be at a school like Texas Tech.

Of course, Leach won't agree to this deal and if his superiors stick to their plan, he'll be fired.

So you take a team to the brink of a national championship, a Big 12 title and have the best grades in the country while doing it and you are rewarded with ultimatums?

That is Grade-A bologna.