Super Bowl Odds Already?

NFL: FEB 01 Super Bowl XLIII - Cardinals v Steelers
Hey, Bears fans. Vegas thinks the Monsters of the Midway have as good of a chance of winning Super Bowl XLIV as the Arizona Cardinals.

Wait, huh?

That's right football fans, both the Bears and the Birds have a 30-1 shot at ending at the top of the mountain next season. But I'm not sure how.

Sure, Arizona only won 9 games last season and so did Chicago. The difference is in, well, everything.

Ken Whisenhunt is an innovative mind with a high-octane offense that should return quarterback Kurt Warner and wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston. And could possibly return Anquan Boldin if the price is right.

On the other hand, there's the Bears.

"We come running off the bus."

Nothing satisfies the palate of a football fan like three yards and a cloud of dust on the team's opening drive. And while the Cards return a team that was on the brink of a title, the Bears bring back Kyle Orton, Matt Forte and Devin Hester.

Only Forte could start for another team.

And even though the Bears defense is better on paper, that paper was shredded last season to the point where hiring a coach coming off the anti-perfect season is seen as an upgrade.

Get ready for a long offseason, Bears fans.