Can money truly buy championships? Your 2009 New York Yankees Preview

Normally I like to go with pictures of a mascot at the top of my posts in regards to these MLB team previews but the above picture suits the situation perfectly.

Can money buy championships? We'll find out soon enough because if the New York Yankees win the World Series this season it won't be because of chemistry.

Obviously the Alex Rodriguez situation is a big distraction and that may be enough to steer the ship in the wrong direction from the get go.

Where's captain Derek Jeter during this situation in spring training? Why, warming up with Team USA for a meaningless World Baseball Classic of course.

With no one to take the leadership role early on, I see grounds for another miserable season for the "empire".

I'm not sure the Tampa Bay Rays or Boston Red Sox are better from a talent standpoint but I know for sure that the chemistry is better with both teams.

But moving away from the drama that follows the Yankees season like an episode of "The Hills, you can see how the 2009 version of the Bronx Bombers is significantly improved.

CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett were both brought in for big money to fix a feeble rotation that was headlined by three rookies just a season ago.

Both should be initially successful although I don't know that Burnett's career numbers mean great things are coming for the team. Ditto Sabathia but in a different way.

The hefty fireballer has more mileage on him than a 89' Honda Accord.

One of these seasons, those innings pitched are going to catch up to him. He also hasn't pitched in a large market yet and Milwaukee and Cleveland are going to look like ant hills compared to the gargantuan he's in now.

Besides that, he's never performed well in the playoffs lately, either.

Sounds like someone we know.

The most important free agent pickup was first baseman Mark Texiera because he brings stability to the locker room and plays gold glove defense on top of being one of the most feared switch hitters in the league.

Nick Swisher was also added in the offseason but it doesn't appear he has a position to play yet.

Other than that it's the usual suspects for the Yankees.

Gone are Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreu and Mike Mussina but they were all replaced in some facet with more talent.

To be honest, I don't know how this group could form a cohesive enough unit to win a championship but the talent may be the overriding factor here.

If nothing else, it will show us what kind of manager Joe Girardi is.