That was a rough week for the Knicks

NBA Player Stephon Marbury at the LA Lakers game
It's not enough just to be a bad New York Knicks team according to the NBA schedule makers. No, you have to be a bad Knicks team that faces the Lakers, Cavs, Celtics at home and then travel cross country to face the Trail Blazers.


Kobe dong whipped you with 61 points to the point where you were cheering his name and chanting "M-V-P" as he walked off the court. That's kind of like hating the pretty girl because she's so superficial and then dating her because in your heart of hearts, you are also truly superficial.

Then LeBron dropped a triple-double with 52-11-10 before the league took it away so he settled with 52-11-9. I'm sure Knicks fans were really hoping the league would take away some of those points, or at least find away to fast forward to the offseason of 2010.

Friday fun? Not for the Knicks who fell the the defending league champion Boston Celtics. No one really went off for the Celts, but no one had to when you've got the league's best defensive player, one of the league's most clutch performers and Jesus Shuttlesworth all in one lineup.

Overlooked was a transcontinental trip to face the Trail Blazers. Overlooked, of course, until Brandon Roy beats you at the buzzer.

Again, tough week for the Knicks.

Except for Stephon Marbury, who in an unrelated story recently cashed another million dollar check written out by New York Knicks.