Do you think Adam Morrison will be crying Kobe a river?

Indiana Hoosiers v Gonzaga Bulldogs
Michael Jordan's first mistake as Charlotte Bobcats managing partner is no longer part of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Adam Morrison, who was drafted before Brandon Roy and Rudy Gay, was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for Vladamir Radmanavic. That is what economists would call "buying high and selling low."

Can you believe he was once compared to Larry Bird coming out of college? I guess being white with a goofy haircut, wearing knee-high socks and starring at a mid-major by knocking down the trey ball like it was nobody's business won't take you as far as it used to.

Maybe Mike should stick to doing Hanes commercials and signing his good name to expensive basketball shoes, because this whole front office thing isn't working out for the Greatest of All Time.

Ask Kwame Brown.

I'm sure the Washington Wizards would have rather had Tyson Chandler (but only if Chris Paul came with), Pau Gasol, Jason Richardson, Shane Battier or Joe Johnson.

But MJ shouldn't feel too bad about that 2001 draft. Steven Hunter went 15th overall to Orlando.