If it is true that A-Rod is a PEDophile...

Rangers v Cubs
... then allow me to be the first (but probably not the last) person to say that if Alex Rodriguez did indeed use steroids and that helped bump his stats, then his legacy is tarnished forever.

Allow me to channel that little kid from my favorite movie, The Sandlot.

Forever. For-e-ver. FOR ... E ... VER.


Mark McGwire has been blackballed basically for his involvement with perfomance enhancing drugs and will likely never be inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame. And when Barry Bonds becomes eligible, do not be surprised if the Hall locks its doors and gives baseball's home run king the cold shoulder.

And you know whwat, if it is a proven fact that A-Rod got himself BALCO'd up, then consider him the next ballplayer to be etched on the pay no mind list.

I can only imagine a "banned player" list somewhere in Bud Selig's office and it looks something out of a 1960s convenience store. It's a cork board with polaroid mug shots that are held by push pins. Bonds and Big Mac are already up there.

If SI is on the money, there might be room for one more.