A-Fraud comes clean

Alex Rodriguez MLB All Star Party At The 40/40 Club
Seriously, Alex Rodriguez has pinker lips than any girl I've ever kissed.

I'm not saying that I would kiss A-Roid, but for $275 million ... at least I'd give it a thought. I've got bills to pay.

Anyway, it's good that he came clean. Except I want more.

I want the other 103 names to be released. What's the point of teasing one name when the equivalent of four fully-loaded baseball teams were implemented in 2003.

It is a fact that A-R*D wasn't alone.

So who's next?

I'd hate to indict anyone else because I don't want a lawsuit on my ass. But let's be honest, the indictment of the Yankee third sacker means that all bets are off on who could be next.

So heed my warning sports fans. While the Big Bad Bronx Boys on BALCO might have just seen their star fall, don't celebrate too loudly. For tomorrow, your favorite player might be ESPN's next breaking news story.

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