The Deuce (And Fred Taylor) Is Loose

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
Not a day goes by without me hearing "newspapers are dying."

And it got me to thinking, while the daily hard-copy newspaper are slowly declining, so are the quality of clear-cut No. 1 running backs.

While some of the credit (blame?) can be spread to areas such as free-agency (where players are leaving for the next best offer) and costs (because player salaries are going through the roof), I feel as if the main reason the number of grade-A running backs is down because of health.

Top-tier backs are getting pummeled on a daily basis in practice, and then going out week-after-week and getting hit even harder by players' whose goal in life is to make your job miserable, you know, so they don't get cost cut.

So consider this my preemptive strike.

With Matt Forte coming off a damn-fine rookie season in which he led the Bears in rushing and receiving, Chicago is going to need an insurance policy.

And with Fred Taylor and Deuce McAllister, former star feature backs in their own respects, being cut loose by Jacksonville and New Orleans, respectively, Jerry Angelo would be wise to take a look at improving the depth of his ball carriers.