Should Florida-Oklahoma matter anymore?

The Utah Utes put on a show last night. They walked into New Orleans, right in the heart of SEC Country, and punched the Alabama Crimson Tide right in the mouth.

No. 7 Utah's 31-17 whooping of No. 4 Alabama was a resounding blow to the Bowl Championship Series of exclusion as the Utes moved their record to 13-0. Note, they are now the only team in the Football Bowl Subdivision with an undefeated record. And really, the team with ZERO losses should be crowned as the national champion, right?

They beat No. 11 Texas Christian, 13-0. They beat No. 16 Brigham Young, 48-24. They beat Oregon State, 31-28, who beat No. 5 USC. And then they played a road game (because they played in the Sugar Bowl in front of a pro-SEC/pro-'Bama crowd) against the Crimson Tide who spent a good chunk of the year as the No. 1 team in the country ... and they smacked them around.

The bowl subdivision is the only game in town in which you can win all your games and still not walk home with a championship. It truly does not make any sense. The NCAA wants its student-athletes to use common sense so the kids can go out into the real world armed with more than athletic ability.

So why does the NCAA not use the same ideology on itself.

Must be the money.

So, the Gators and Sooners can play as hard as they want. They can combine to gain 1,000 yards of total offense, score a combined total of 100 points and utilize every variation of the spread offense known to man.

And neither team will end the season undefeated like the Utah Utes.