Nothing like an F-bomb to ring in the New Year

If you want to see television at it's worst there's no better day to tune in that New Years Eve. Whether it's local or national it's usually terrible. I tuned into a mix of ABC-7 Chicago, the Dick Clark NYE show and ESPN's New Year's, No Limits show for the second year in a row and it didn't fail to disappoint.

Whether it was local sports anchor Mark Giangreco practically molesting Janet Davies on live television or a terribly depressing to watch/listen to Dick Clark doing the countdown the regular coverage was just terrible (at least Clark was on the mark with his countdown this year). I never heard of Kellie Pickler before but she has the most attrocious sounding voice I've heard in a long time as she was screeching and yelling at me like a female version of Chris Berman. She sounded dumb as can be as well.

It's barely worth mentioning Carson Daly's NYE show but Luke Russert kept it in my mind with his hilariously bad interviews he conducted that had to be seen to be fully appreciated. Look I'm all for giving a legend's son a chance but this guy was so horribly unqualified it was embarrassing. Then again, most people who were watching it had to be smashed.

But how does this relate to sports? It doesn't really except for the show ESPN did. It was similar to last year's show in which a death defying stunt was performed for 11 seconds preceded by an hour and a half of in-depth interviews that put the viewer to sleep. A truck was backflipped and some guy named Robbie Maddison jumped on top of the Arc De Triumph clone on the strip in Las Vegas, Nev., wowing the crowd that ESPN decribed as 100,000 but appeared close to about 10,000. It was after the stunt that the beauty of live television came through with a pair of F-bombs within minutes of each other. Watch the video attached and turn up the sound and you'll hear his crew chief remarking at the job well-done.

It essentially went down like this although you can't hear the second part: "Robby Madison, you're the fucking man." Seconds later, after looking at his bloodied, broken finger says to the woman about to interview him, "Get away from me.... fuck."


Photo Credit: Canadian Motorcyclist's Association