Feeling kinda Monday: I figured the team that did not turn the ball over would win, but I did not expect a blowout Sunday afternoon. The Baltimore Ravens showed why Chad Pennington had no business being an MVP candidate as they intercepted four of his passes in B-More's 27-9 win in Miami.

Ed Reed is the best defensive player in football. End of story.

The Philadelphia Eagles did what I expected them to do, and that's beat the home-standing Minnesota Vikings, 26-14. You're not winning anything with Tarvaris Jackson as your starting quarterback. And no, Gus Frerotte isn't leading you to championship glory either.

Asante Samuel earned his payday. Brian Westbrook proved why he needs a million touches per game. And Donovan McNabb threw for 300 yards, dashing the hopes of this Bears fan hoping he would find his way home.