Daily Dosage: Obamamania lives here

Kids Inaugural Ball: We Are The Future
Michelle Obama, who will soon be known as The First Lady, is without a doubt the classiest woman to ever grace the pages of The Big Dead Sidebar. Hence, the use of the "Classy Girls" tag.

I was this close to putting Sarah Palin on here, but she will get her time four years from now. I hope this blog is still around to cover that event.

Are you ready for a full day of posts revolving about how her hubby will squash the BCS and do other sports related things? I hope so.

Until then, here is the rest of your Daily Dosage.

Bradley shuffles out of SIU Arena with loss. I couldn't help but to put that in a headline. For most of the game, the SIU men's basketball team beasted on Bradley. They outhustled and outplayed the then-first place Braves.

The Salukis 21-point lead turned into a six-point win as tired legs fell upon the team down the stretch.

All in all, a win is a win.

SIU beats Bradley, bounces Braves from first; Saluki hoops feels the love. [Daily Egyptian]

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