Jon, Kate Plus 8 Things You Should Read Today

What better way to get hits than with a Megan Fox pic to go along with a Jon & Kate Plus 8 headline?

So much drama in the LBC ... er ... TV land ... yeah, that's more like it. Bothered by the Jon, Kate drama thanks in part to the overload of Facebook and Twitter, I've decided to turn back the hands of time here at TBDS and bring back the Daily Dosage.

If only for one lunch break.

  1. The man responsible for 'Boom goes the dynamite' has hit the open market. [Awful Announcing]
  2. Finally, a good book is made into a movie and Hollywood scraps it. (Flips double-bird toward the West Coast and shouts expletives.) [E!online]
  3. A fight breaks out at Marlins-Yankees game, answering the question whether or not people actually go to Marlins games. [The Sports Hernia]
  4. Nick Saban does not approve of your recruiting whispers. [The Wiz Of Odds]
  5. Who wants a Natinals shirt? [Zazzle via Vegas Watch]
  6. So, what is Albert Pujols' market value? [Crain's]
  7. Joe Morgan would be a terrible eye witness. [SportsbyBrooks]
  8. Joanna Krupa does to T.O. what Tony Romo shoulda done a long time ago. [With Leather]
Oh, and something about Erin Andrews, too. She became part of the topic of conversation today in the press box in Marion, Ill., only one year and six months after gracing Saluki Nation with her presence. Erin, please come back.

Now that that's over with, it's time to sit back, relax and watch the hits come in.