Jerry Krause's Boy Is Out at USC, For Real This Time

Michigan News - March 21, 2009

It wasn't too long ago when Tim Floyd was bolting Song Girls for insanity as he was this close to leaving the University Southern California for the University of Arizona. But after a stern talking to and a good night of sleep, Floyd thought better and stayed in LaLa land.

Well, this time around, Floyd is now gone as USC's head coach.

Floyd's reason, according to a letter:

I no longer feel I can offer the level of enthusiasm to my duties that is deserved by the university, my coaching staff, my players, their families, and the supporters of Southern Cal. I always promised myself and my family that if I ever felt I could no longer give my full enthusiasm to a job, that I should leave it to others who could.

I guess it has nothing to do with the allegations that included giving $1,000 straight cash to someone tied with the Ovington J'Anthony Mayo camp.

The good news for Floyd is that he now has all the time in the world to extend his pole in Jerry Krause's presence ... at the local fishing hole, of course.

Let the nationwide search for someone who is going to playing second fiddle to Pete Carroll.

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