Reinforcements are Coming

It's been a while since I've posted here due to business related issues at hand including haggling for days on end to get a new car but I've been to four of the last five Chicago White Sox games so I have some interesting tidbits to throw out there.

First off, I looked at Aaron Poreda's Facebook page at 2:30 A.M. today to find that he had been called up to pitch for the big league team.

Now, I wasn't even sure it was legit. I wasn't even sure if it was actually Poreda himself or some goofball with too much time on his hands creating a page with his name.

But Bruce Levine confirmed the "status" as fact this morning on ESPN-1000 AM.

Now I wonder who the White Sox send down.

I think it will come from a list that includes lefty Jimmy Gobble or starter Bartolo Colon.

If the White Sox plan on starting Poreda it obviously makes sense to see if Colon will take a "rehab" assignment much like Jose Contreras.

Contreras bounced back in superior fashion in only allowing one-hit over eight innings in a win Monday night.

Perhaps Colon can use a minor league trip to figure his problems out (such as not throwing two-seam fastballs 98 percent of the time).

If Colon isn't leaving the rotation and Clayton Richard is, then there's seemingly a 100 percent chance lefty specialist Jimmy Gobble gets sent to Triple-A.

Gobble and his 7.00 ERA bring absolutely nothing to the table and if Poreda is called up for purposes of being a reliever then kiss Gobble good-bye.

I like the prospect of sending Gobble down along with Bartolo Colon and having Contreras and Poreda manning the fourth and fifth spots in the rotation for the time being.

The White Sox could then shift Richard to long relief and also call up a guy like Triple-A closer Jon Link to bolster the staff even more.

In other news, the squad also signed Freddy Garcia, former 2005 World Series hero, to a minor league deal. It sure didn't look like he had anything left with the New York Mets earlier this season but it's worth a shot to see what he does in the minors for a bit.

Hey, look at Scott Podsednik.

Speaking of which, how ironic is it that the White Sox finally find a leadoff hitter of value and yet, it hasn't contributed to a better offense?

And speaking of call ups I think Beckham will be fine in time. He doesn't look overmatched, just anxious. Once he starts hitting I expect it to come in bunches.

That being said I'm not sure why he isn't getting some time at second base. Everyone (understandably) is blaming the offensive and defensive woes of this team on third baseman Josh Fields.

But when do Chris Getz and Jayson Nix start taking some heat?

Before Fields' debacle Monday afternoon I was ready to give Getz and Nix a day off in favor of Beckham at second but...nevermind....

It will be an interesting rest of the series with the Detroit Tigers with the series tied at one game a piece.

You figure the White Sox have the edge tonight with Mark Buerhle on the mound against Dontrelle Willis but I've been wrong before.

Hope that Willis has another mental breakdown I suppose?