The Only Cure For Too Many Van Gundys

It's Thursday and Game 1 of the NBA Finals is only hours away from tip-off. Still it is not too late to make a series-altering change.

No, David Stern isn't orchestrating a LeBron-for-J.J. Redick swap to get the Kobe v. King James match-up. Nor will he move Orlando to a more prosperous media market like Chicago or New York ... or a sputtering metropolis such as Cleveland or Detroit.

However, Stern should use the same heavy hand he has used to suspend Ron Artest to suspend the ESPN/ABC broadcasting teams.

Personally, I see a slight problem with Jeff Van Gundy providing "analysis" for the NBA Finals in which he has already said he will be rooting for his brother, Stan, who is coaching the Orlando Magic. Part of it is my fear of homerism-nepotism overcoming a broadcast that I most certainly won't be listening to anyway.

Yet, there is one thing The Commish can do to rectify the whole situation: And that is to turn back the clock.

Move Mike Tirico and his gang to the radio broadcast bumping that group of misfits including Mike Breen off the air.

Enter stage left, Marv Albert.


Bring back Marv, who is the voice of this generations of NBA basketball, to call play-by-play. Let Doug Collins, Bill Walton, Matt Goukas, Snapper Jones or whoever analyze and let Amhad Rashad, Peter Vescey and Craig Sager roam the sidelines.

And while you're at it, bring back that sweet NBA On NBC theme music.