In Jameer Nelson's Grill: Where Amazing Happens

Hey, Lakers fans, I gotta question for ya. Do you like Fish sticks?

Derek Fisher's stat line won't look clutch as he only made two 3-pointers in five periods of basketball. However, what the box score won't tell you is that the first tied the game in regulation, sending the game into overtime. And the second ended up being the game winner in overtime.

And to think, if Jameer Nelson was a few inches taller, maybe he bothers Fisher's game-tying shot. Or he draws a foul on Kobe Bryant's elbow in OT.

More proof that size matters.

Speaking of Kobe, just a pedestrian 32 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists in more than 48 minutes.

And you know how the Magic were undefeated in the playoffs when that one little girl sings the anthem? Well, that ended as soon as ABC's cameras found Nick "The Brick" Anderson.

It was the Ghost Of Nick Anderson haunted Dwight Howard's late-game free throws, right?

As for adjustments the Magic need to make in Game 5 to avoid elimination, it's quite simple if you ask me. Just play like you did in Game 3. Of course, that is easier said than done.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images