60 minutes to liftoff

My thoughts exactly Big Aristotle. Your move to Cleveland could be great ... or not so much.

The mocking is done. Experts mean nothing. Fans hold their breath and pray they are not the unlucky saps that draft Psycho T or even worse ... BJ Mullens.

The trade of Shaquille O' Neal to Cleveland officially kicked off the trade madness that will begin in less than an hour. New York, Memphis and Minnesota will be scrambling like mad to wheel and deal. The first two deals will probably include Minnesota's picks and Quentin Richardson/Darko Milic.

Once that first wave happens, expect the big boys to get in the mix. Boston will continue to try to package Ray Allen and the Suns will continue to wave the white flag and unload any and everyone.

But for now, if I am a Cleveland fan, I am torn. O'Neal could help, or he could completely cripple the team. He has to be willing to work with Big Z and not demand minutes over him. Meanwhile, him and LeBron James will also have to check their egos at the door.

O'Neal is not a franchise maker anymore, but for Cleveland fans, lets just hope he is not a franchise destroyer.

And for the Atlanta Hawks, bringing in Jamal Crawford could be a great move. If the team can re-sign Mike Bibby, the Hawks will finally have their potent sixth man — a huge void since the loss of Josh Childress. The only thing holding them back from a very good chance at claiming the Eastern Conference crown is a backup for Al Horford.

But for now the trades are done and the celebration begins. It's a new beginning for every team and its the one night in the year in the NBA, where as Kevin Garnett would say ... anything is possible.

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