Can Kobe Do It For Kareem? Your Obligatory Game 5 Pre-Game Blog

NBA: MAY 25 Western Conference Finals - Lakers at Nuggets - Game 4

As a kid, I always remember the Bulls clinching in Game 6 at home mostly because I was convinced the team wanted to celebrate at home. Of course, that logic was defied in 1998. But it was cool, Mike probably had road beef.

Speaking of (alleged) road beef, Kobe, say it ain't so? Vanessa's hot and you could do so much better. With that said, I wouldn't kick her out of bed for mispronouncing my name.

So here's hoping for a well-played game in which Kobe does work and the Magic drain a lot of threes, Dwight Howard gets his 20 points 20 boards to go along with missing key free throws in an attempt to make Magic fans forget that Nick Anderson ever existed. C'mon, who wants a blowout in Game 5.

Prediction: There will be a celebration in the Magic Kingdom tonight. Unfortunately for Magic fans, it will not involve the home team. Lakers 102 Magic 97.