Hey, Chicago, Whaddya Say, The Bulls Better Not Draft Any Of These Lames Today

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Binghamton Bearcats vs Duke Blue Devils
While I have my no-no list, Gerald Henderson seems to have found this Binghamton Bearcat's no-no zone.

Everyone has their no-no list. And if the Bulls want to re-live their glory days, they read this blog and follow it accordingly.

Stay the f*** away from these five guys:

1. B.J. Mullens, center, Ohio State. Had Mullens stayed four years at tOSU, he probably would have ended up as a Top 10 pick after developing his game. Instead, he came out after one underwhelming year that saw him fail to make his mark in the NCAA Tournament against an undersized Siena squad. I'd be more comfortable drafting Bryan Mullins with the 16th pick than the other guy.

2. Omri Casspi, small forward, Israel. Here's hoping the Bulls learned from foreign flops such as Thabo Sefolosha and Dragan Tarlac. Just say no.

3. Gerald Henderson, shooting guard, Duke. Henderson fits the John Paxson mold of draft pick. A three-year starter at a college hoops power that excelled in the NCAA Tournament. And while he is an exceptional athlete, he isn't an elite athlete and isn't the kind of shooter that can make up for it. The Bulls already have two guys like that: John Salmons and Luol Deng.

4. Austin Daye, small forward, Gonzaga. Big men that can shoot the rock draw comparisons of Dirk Nowitzki and Hedo Turkoglu. But being that soft makes me think he's more like Adam Morrison.

5. Toney Douglas, point guard/shooting guard, Florida State. He's a better ball-handler, defender and distributor than Ben Gordon. But he's not as good of a scorer. Undersized two-guards that can't score don't last long in the Association. Besides, when was the last time FSU produced a star NBA player?

Yeah, and don't date any of these guys either.