These Should Be Gar's Guys In Tonight's NBA Draft

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Wayne Ellington owns the prettiest jump shot to enter the draft since Ray Allen. That should land him in a good spot in the draft, right?

Earlier, I made the Bulls aware of five players they should stay away from. This is a list of players they should embrace. New GM Gar Foreman can make the impact of a lifetime in a negative or positive form. This is the most important draft because it is the one that takes place today, and because it could help shape Derrick Rose's future.

You want to keep Rose happy, don't you? Well, then, you might want to draft these guys.

1. DeJuan Blair, power forward, Pittsburgh. As of this posting, the Bulls best big man off the bench is Aaron Gray, and that is nothing to be proud of. He is not the inside scorer the Bulls desperately need, but Blair is NBA strong with a knack of getting boards and loose balls. And for what it's worth, he dominated Hasheem Thabeet, who will likely be the No. 2 overall pick in the draft.

2. Jeff Teague, combo guard, Wake Forest. Teague might be the perfect replacement for Ben Gordon once Detroit's mega millions come a-callin'. At 6-foot-2, he's an undersized two-guard, but he handles the ball much better than Gordon ever dreamed of doing. A more complete player, Teague should be ranked higher than Stephen Curry, as Teague exceled against NBA talent that played at Duke, North Carolina and throughout the ACC.

3. Jrue Holiday, point guard, UCLA. Drafting Holiday could give the Bulls the option to trade Kirk Hinrich. The former Bruin stands 6-foot-4 and could be the sizeble point man that could move D-Rose to the shooting guard spot at times.

4. Taj Gibson, power forward, USC. Gibson could be available with the No. 26 overall pick and gets my stamp of approval if the Bulls are not able to land Blair with the No. 16 pick. He would also instantly become the best of Chicago's bench bigs.

5. Nick Calathes, point guard, Florida. He's going to Greece, so I wouldn't mind the Bulls drafting his rights and allowing him to use his playing time in Europe as a developmental experience. It would also save the Bulls some cap room for the next few offseasons.