Ben For Rip? Don't Trip. It Could Happen

What will likely be the last you will see of Ben Gordon in a Bulls uniform.

Ben Gordon has all but punched his ticket out of Chicago, and not because of his play on the court. In fact, one could argue Gordon was the go-to-guy, especially for the four playoff teams he was on while in Chicago.

When Derrick Rose wasn't donning the Superman cape, it was Gordon.

If someone were to ask me for a scouting report for BG7, I would simply say he is a "sticker shooter" ... terminology commonly associated with college basketball shooters that can make shots from the "stickers" (logos) that are found beyond the 3-point stripe.

Skip the Vinny "The Microwave" Johnson analogies, simply put, Gordon is a jump shooter who can drain buckets from all over the court. From the wing. The corner. Top of the arc. When Gordon is open and has the ball, he's going to shoot it and he generally does it well. And while shooting is his biggest strength, it is also his biggest weakness as he can go from "shooter" to "chucker" in a moments notice.

And as good as Gordon is, he isn't great for "great" players are never confused for "chuckers."

I digress.

Gordon looks to be on the verge of heading to the Detroit Pistons once the marketplace officially opens up on July 1. If the rumors are true, Gordon will be getting the long-term contract (to the tune of $11 million per season) he has desperately wanted, but never received from Chicago.

It would be a curious signing for the Pistons (as scribe Sam Smith points out), who would then have a loaded backcourt with Rodney Stuckey, Richard "Rip" Hamilton, Aaron Afflalo and former highly touted Chicago hoopster Will "The Thrill" Bynum.

However, it could make sense if it the Bulls and Pistons could come together on a sign-and-trade deal that would send Hamilton to Chicago and allow Gordon to get max money and a change of scenery he seems to desperately want.

Meanwhile, the Bulls would add the 6-fooy-7-inch Hamilton, who is just as good of a shooter as Gordon while also being a better defender.

And maybe more importantly, Chicago would not be hampered by a lengthy deal, instead the Bulls would have Hamilton's $11.375 million contract comes off the books at the end of the 2009-2010 season just like LeBron James, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, J.J. Redick and a host of others.

All of whom should be targeted by the Bulls.

Just joking on that J.J. Redick thing, by the way.