Coming Soon: Anger and Exclamation Points As The Cubs Fall Under .500!

Cubs vs. Brewers
Lou: "What the f*** do you mean we're under .500?"

The Cubs have 103 games to get their sh*t together. For Chicago's North Side ballclub to match last season's win total, they would need to post a 68-35 record for the rest of the season. That means they would have to win at a .660 clip from now on.

I'd like to be the first to say that you're not winning 68 games without a .300 hitter in the everyday line-up. And before you ask if I'm going to call for the Cubs to blow it up, I can't even ask for that without noting the Cubs would probably be worse off with Micah Hoffpauir, Jake Fox and Mike Fontenot as everyday players.

Minnesota Twins 7 Chicago Cubs 4 [Yahoo! Sports]