Pure Speculation: Tom Glavine Could Fit Cubs Needs

Form worthy of Cy Young.

One day after tossing six scoreless innings in a minor league rehab start, the Atlanta Braves released future Hall of Famer Tom Glavine.

The Braves are continuing their youth movement as it will as they will call up golden armed pitching prospect Tommy Hanson, who was the name Padres GM Kevin Towers insisted on getting in return for Jake Peavy. And since Glavine is nearing the age where you see the light at the end of the dugout tunnel (or Roger Clemens' special trainer) Los Bravos were ready to move on.

Last season, the Cubs turned one man's trash (Jim Edmonds) into their hot-hitting, slick fielding center fielder. Much to the chagrin of some Cubs fans (and my favorite Cards fan William F. Leitch) who couldn't put Edmonds' days with the Cardinals behind them, Edmonds was a leadership figure on that ballclub who at this point of the eyar is more healthy than Milton Bradley.

So, should the Cubs be looking to take another risk, this year with Glavine?

I'd say so. It looks as if the Cubs are in desperate need of some veteran know-how and leadership, especially from a pitching point-of-view. And with Carlos Zambrano temper tantrums and Rich Harden's injury concerns always looming, there will always be a need for a quality arm.

(Are you listening Jim Hendry?)

Adding Glavine to the rotation would also allow manager Lou Piniella to add an arm to the bullpen he would actually be willing to use in the form of the 6-foot-7 Sean Marshall.

At press time, the Cubs are deadlocked with the Braves 2-2 in the middle of the ninth and are at the .500 mark with a 25-25 record, and yet, are still only four games out of first place. But no matter how you cut it, being oin fourth place on June 4 is not where the Cubs wanted or expected to be.

If President Obama has taught America anything, is that it doesn't matter who's in charge, gas prices are going to go up ... oh ... and that change is necessary.

Hendry, it's time to do some shuffling. Not down to the donut shop, but to the monstrosity of a roster that you put on the field.