Cubs Bats Awaken For Comeback Win As Told By A Game Thread And Your Facebook Status Update

Chicago Cubs vs Houston Astros

Derrek Lee hit a basket shot and the Facebook statuses flowed ... "stupid f****** basket" ... no one had any beef Wednesday when Alexei Ramirez hit a basket ball in the White Sox's win. Just saying. Then Geovany Soto decided to launch a no-doubter. The Facebook status updates began to roll in, with content that shouldn't be seen by children. (Seriously, anyone can be on Facebook now, even children. That's whack!) Finally, the Cubs won in the bottom of the ninth.

That's how it was from my perspective. As for the enemy, check this out.

@2:57 p.m. after Alexei Ramirez's two-run homer off Carlos Zambrano gave the White Sox a 3-1 lead: "Hawk just gave a "HELL YES!"

At times, I feel bad that a really good analyst has to babysit Hawk. Then again, once he left the Cubs, Stoney became pompous know-it-all wanna be GM.

@3:15 p.m. after Chris Getz knocked in some more runs to extend the White Sox's lead: G-E-T-Z GETZ GETZ GETZ.

I see what you did there, that's a New York Jets reference. At this point, I'm counting down the days until Jay Cutler's thrwoing touchdown passes to Plaxico Burress.

@3:17 p.m. as the Sox hold a seemingly insurmountable 5-1 lead: Are the Cubs fans crying yet?

No, at this point we're calling for someone's head. Someone more important than Gerald Perry.

@3:35 as Derrek Lee hits a three-run homer in which the Cubs are still down by one. This can only be described by one word (edited by yours truly): "F***BALLS"

(expletive deleted)

@3:37 p.m. as Geovany Soto took a mouthful of Flintstone's Vitamins before knocking one out of the part, the South Side begins (continues?) to crumble: "For serious...what the hell just happened?"

What happened? So-to-the-to decided he wanted to not lose his job to Koyie Hill.

@3:48 p.m. and this is why this message ("Just read your Cubs-Sox drinking game. For the record, you would've been sober at the top of the 8th and drunk by the bottom of the 9th had you listened to Hawk & Stoney today.") last night made sense: "shutup about the umps for f***sakes"

(See the official Cubs-Sox drinking game here)

@3:59 p.m. moments after Alfonso Soriano blooped a winner. Tears flow throughout 35th St. as the White Sox lose: "i can't stand that damn song. it doesnt even make sense. if anything it should be sung BEFORE the game. they sing "cubs are going to win today" AFTER a win. we todd did."

Remember, South Siders: Meth is bad.

And then with the status updates, because I'm sure this is exactly what Mark Zuckerberg envisioned when he created Facebook.

Status 2: the automatic out comes through in the clutch..BALLGAME.
Status 3: scrubs got lucky. Let's see how good you are at Comiskey!

Prepare for a healthy dosage of Facebook status updates dedicated to the returns of Mark DeRosa and Kerry Wood.

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