Tyler Hansbrough Is Mocking The Mocking Of The NBA Draft

It is an honor to be mocked by the hardest working, grittiest, grindy-est, hard-nosed, toughest, well-rounded player to ever lace 'em up. Ever.

These are probably a bunch of guys who sit in their basements and probably just write out mock drafts and do this or do that. They haven't followed me for four years and they haven't seen exactly what I've done or they wouldn't be saying that stuff."

For the record, Mr. Hansbrough, I do not have a basement. But I do have a one-bedroom apartment all to my lonesome. In addition, I have followed you for the last four years, and to be honest, that stunt you pulled in the library is really no laughing matter.

With that said, Tyler Hansbrough is still going to be drafted by the Utah Jazz on the premise of being a blue-collar, white male that works harder than anyone and everyone if only because he is not as gifted or talented as the other kids in the draft.

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