Pardon The Interruption: Former Saluki Brandon Jacobs + Pretty Girl = Blog Brief

I know I promised NBA all-day, but when a former Saluki appears on KSK with arm candy, it deserves my undivided attention.

If my dad gets a chance to read this blog, I know exactly what he would say.

"See that could have been you, but I guess you'd rather write about an athlete with a pretty girl than be the athlete with a pretty girl."

Kinda, I've always had a thing for jersey chasers -- mostly because they're generally good looking, not smart and shallow -- so it's not like it would be hard to impress them. And there is nothing wrong with road beef.

Oh and that shirt deserves a plus-one.

Brandon Jacobs Has Excellent Taste In T-Shirts, Women [Kissing Suzy Kolber with image credit via G. Haygood Photography]


Anonymous said...

She's hott.... and looks familiar!!! is it confirmed they're dating???

MH,esq said...

Whoa--yeah she gets a thumbs up.Damn, her body is amazing wish the bag wasn't in the way I see a silhouette staring from where his hand is at, came some one find her from me, do she date lawyers/:)

Anonymous said...

lmao im sure she wont turn a lawyer down