What is the Bears' obsession with mediocre QBs?

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears
The Chicago Bears seem to have expressed sadness in losing out on the David Carr and Luke McCown sweepstakes before they even started.

And I would be too ... if Carr and McCown were worth a damn. It's not as if Carr is coming off a 4,000-yard, 40-touchdown season. You know, the kind of numbers you expect out of a No. 1 overall pick.

As for McCown, I needed a copy editor to make sure I wasn't about to blog about former Bear failure Cade McNown. Then I realized I would want neither under center even if my only other choice was Peter Tom Willis.

And before you ask, Chris Simms is not the answer to what ails the Bears. Neither is Byron Leftwich.

With that said, I'm trying to figure out the Bears' obsession with mediocrity, especially at the quarterback position ... you know ... the most important position on the field.

Why put so much time, money and effort into bringing in a back up when they should be on a nationwide manhunt for a franchise quarterback?

Oh, I know. Because it's more cost efficient to hope that a career back up catches lightning in a bottle for 16 games. Sounds like the kind of strategy a team that hasn't won a Super Bowl since 1985 would use.

Don't worry, Kyle, your job is safe as long as Jerry Angelo is around.


Unknown said...

The bears have never been about buying a franchise QB, they always wanna build one and personally I think that sucks balls! If u have a problem throw money at it! That's always been my solution.