Nine things I like about the 2009 Cubs

Holly Madison Cubs Fan
I haven't been a fan of the Chicago Cubs' offseason moves as questionable decision making and an inability to close deals (thanks to a lacking front office presence) really hampered what could have been a good offseason.

And while this might be a gloom and doom season for the two-time defending NL Central champs, there are some positives on the horizon.

I figure I might as well point them out and be happy while I still can.

NINE: 15 games against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Can you believe this team used to be good? Gone are the days of Willie Stargell and Roberto Clemente, that's for sure.
EIGHT: The owner is not a company board room, instead has a face, heart. They'll get Ricketts in here sooner rather than later, right?
SEVEN: Rivalry games. Sixteen games against the Cardinals. Nuff said.
SIX: Dusty Baker still manages the Cincinnati Reds.
FIVE: Milton Bradley. The crazy right fielder could seriously save the newspaper industry with the oh so clever headlines that could come about this year.
FOUR: A full season of Rich Harden. I'm hoping to get 25-30 starts from the oft-injured righty, who will hopefully put the days of doctors visits behind him.
THREE: Carlos Marmol. With all due respect to Brad Lidge and K-Rod, Marmol is the filthiest reliever in the National League.
TWO: Lou Piniella really wants to win a World Series title. I said it when he took the Cubs job and I'll say it until I'm blue in the face: "Sweet Uncle Lou" took this job so he would be a Hall of Fame lock as a manager for winning the Cubs first title in 100something years. Motivated people tend to perform well.

And the NUMBER ONE thing the 2009 Chicago Cubs have going for them is ... Wrigley Field and the pretty blond girls that inhabit it and the surrounding areas during the summer time.