Is John Paxson asleep at the wheel?

NBA: DEC 12 Kings at Lakers
By all accounts, Chicago Bulls GM John Paxson is a lame duck.

Which makes sense after that lame trade he orchestrated yesterday. I wonder if Mad Pax knows that the Bulls' biggest weakness is the lack of a low-post presence that can team with budding star point guard Derrick Rose starting now and going into the future.

Instead, the Bulls got a big sloppy, sloth-like softy of a 32-year-old center (Brad Miller) and Thabo Sefolosha's American clone, John Salmons.

Miller will be serving his second stint in Chicago ... which makes me wonder what was the point of trading him in the first point. Oh, that's right, because he wasn't that good the first time around. Nothing says block dominance like a 7-footer spotting up for three -- unless his name, of course, is Dirk from Dallas.

The trade basically confirms the Bulls traded the expiring contract of Drew Gooden for absolutely nothing. And now they're adding two more years of Miller, whose name maeks me feel as if I drank a case of Miller High Life, but not as intoxicating.

Still makes me kinda wanna throw up.


Jeff Engelhardt said...

I disagree sir.

It's a good trade. Brad Miller is a great passer and will finally take up space down low and John Salmons is a jack of all trades.

For once the Bulls will have a guard with some length that can shoot and defend pretty well.