We're talking about patience, people

Seriously, what's the deal with the Chicago Cubs and the idea of patience.

Earlier, I chronicled the idiocy that came out of left fielder Alfonso Soriano's mouth following the NorthSide Nine's most recent playoff flop.

Now general manager Jim Hendry is opening his flap.

Yeah, the headline really says it all: Cubs GM Jim Hendry: Be patient.

Jim, was that really necessary. You know, the idea of asking a fan base that hasn't seen a World Series at Wrigley Field since 1945 or a World Series winner since 1908 to be patient.

That's like asking a turtle to slow down.

See, Hendry's job is to stockpile talent to make the team a winner.

If he waits, there won't be any game-changing talent left on the open market.

Sometimes, this franchise just doesn't make sense to me.