This Just In: Cuban charged with inside trading

The man that Chicago Cubs fans hope will own their team has been charged with insider trading by the Securities Exchange Committee.

While most newsgroups will break this down because of its newsworthiness, I'll pose the following question: Is he really much worse than the guys who currently own the Cubs?

You know, Tribune Co. The ownership group that helped lie about/hide every Mark Prior and Kerry Wood injury. The people that made Sammy Sosa's early exit in 2004 look like a federal crime. The head honchos who made a profit off losing teams, cried about losing money and then turned the tables when it was found that they were one of a handful of teams making a profit.

Oh yeah, and the same ownership group that held back a segment of tickets for "premium games," created a ticket brocker office and then sold the tickets at a major mark-up.

Yet, Mark Cuban is getting charge for what I would call getting a hook up. I didn't know it was a crime to take advice from your friends to save your money.


Nothing else to report here.

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