Hi everyone.

This was going to be just an editor's note, but I felt that it deserved a blog post of its own.

It's come to my attention that I have not been crediting where I've gotten my photos that I have posted on this ever growing blog.

My response: my bad.

I realize it's unethical, heck, I read that it was unethical in a book I have. And rather than point the finger and say "everyone else is doing it" I will credit my photos accordingly from now on. I will tell my team of writers to do so as well.

I guess I'll begin with the post that started it all.

This picture of Dana Eikenberg which was uncredited on Google when I picked it up for yesterday's blog before the SIU women's basketball game was actually taken by Emily Sunblade, photographer for the Daily Egyptian.

Yes, it's a coincidence that she is my co-worker. Kind of.

Maybe I should have known it was one of my own that would take such a good photo. I've talked this over with Emily, who brought it to my attention that I had grabbed her work without credit.

So in exchange I offer you the following. Emily's Web site.

That's []

She's great isn't she?

It's only fair that I do this. Wish us luck in the future. We'll need it.