Dear Tiger: TBDS will sponsor you.

I'm sitting at my kitchen counter eating a piece of chocolate cake with a tall frosty glass of milk searching for some valuable news to read. And after I've come across all the Barack Obama picking his economic committee news I can handle, I stumble upon this headline:

General Motors to end Tiger endorsement

Is this really news? I mean, why do I (we) care that one of I'm sure hundreds of Tiger Woods' endorsement deals has fallen through. It's not as if Tiger was dropped against his will — it was mutual. It's not as if Tiger opted out of the deal — it was mutual. There wasn't even a scuffle.

So why do I want to read about this with my piece of chocolate cake and glass of milk. And I've stumbled across the answer.

The world needs its proper amount of Tiger news. Why else would this be in the headlines?

The public wants its fix of Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer to walk the planet. I'm pretty sure if Jesus himself came down from Heaven, Tiger would be giving Jesus tips on his backswing. But I digress.

We just can't get enough of the guy (Tiger not Jesus, although I like hearing about him too.)

We have the NBA going on right now. We have college basketball going on right now. We even have the NHL going on right now. Yet Tiger gets the headline on

Here's an idea: stick The Big Dead Sidebar's name on your bag. We would gladly take the recognition. And we won't make a big deal out of it when we drop you because we losing pennies.