Pregame Notes 11/6: SIU vs. Southwest Baptist

Photo Credit: Anthony Soufflé

Random thoughts before I leave for the SIU Arena.

  • I've got my fingers crossed in hopes to see the debut of freshman guard Ryan Hare. I'm really intrigued about the kind of lineups SIU head coach Chris Lowery can throw out there with all the fresh legs that are lined-up along the Saluki bench. Prediction: A lineup that features Hare, Bryan Mullins, Torres Roundtree, Nick Evans and Tony Boyle could be the team's best defensive/rebounding squad.
  • As much as the Salukis love forcing turnovers, I hope they don't commit 34 of them. That's way too many for a team that will be driven by youth when Bryan Mullins isn't in the game. Head football coach Dale Lennon always talks about playing four quarters and trying to play a complete game, so I think it's time for the guys on the hardwood to apply that same concept.
  • I've also thought about what would be the team's best offensive lineup too. I'd throw out the names Dillard, Mullins, Bocot, Fay and Booker to start the conversation. Each of the three guards can create their own shot, or create shots for others. Booker and Fay can both be prominent players in the post or on the perimeter. But that kind of stuff will play itself out.
  • What to watch for: Not the score, but the minutes. Who's playing how many minutes? Who are they playing with? Which lineups gel offensively and defensively? We're looking for a look of togetherness tonight in the Salukis' final exhibition game.
That's it. Check me out on Twitter as updates will light up the Sidebar this evening as I try to get used to this tweeting basketball thing.

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