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CARBON "DALE" - I'll be tweeting live from the McAndrew Stadium press box in the first (and probably only) meeting between the SIU and North Dakota football teams which I have now dubbed "Lennon Bowl."

Lennon is facing his former club and alma mater today as he tries to take No. 11 SIU to 6-2 this season.

Expect a game of me-and-my-shadow between the two clubs, who run similar schemes. I'm curious to see how Lennon's offense works with Lennon's players, so I'll be keeping a close eye on the Fighting Sioux.

Ladies and gentlemen: do not expect a blowout! Both teams have something to play for.

UND is looking to show the rest of the college football world that it belongs among FCS competition and will be fighting for bragging rights.

With a win SIU will likely continue its climb up the FCS ranking polls as it tries to solidify a playoff spot.

It should be a good one at the Mac, where it will reach a high of 79.

Take care, folks!

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