Knick knack, paddy whack NY cuts some deals

As the saying goes: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

P.S. Sorry Jeff, I've got to take this one since I'm sitting in "The Garden" as I write this.

It's been a busy day for the New York City sports media with all the transactions that have been going down recently. Here's a brief update.
  • Mike Mussina calls it a career. The Moose is no longer loose in the Big Apple, announcing his retirement months after completing his first 20-win season. Mussina is a borderline Hall of Famer with 270 wins and a .638 winning percentage, but is without that elusive World Series ring. I'm on the fence about him being in the Hall until further notice, but for now, he's in the Hall of Very Good.
  • Speaking of the Yanks, Hal Steinbrenner, a.k.a. Mini Boss, has taken full control of the team as George Steinbrenner's era has finally come to an end. I figure if all the owners approve of another Psyco Steinbrenner running up free agent prices, how can they not approve Mark Cuban buying the Cubs?
  • The re-tooling of the Knicks began with the trade of guard Jamal Crawford, who is prominently displayed in several commercials and billboards in and around the Garden, for Golden State forward/center Al Harrington. Harrington will fit well in D'Antoni's Phoenix Gone East offensive fun-and-gun system as he will be paired with Zach Randolph in the front court.
Oh wait...
  • Randolph was traded to the L.A. Clippers today in exchange for guard Cuttino Mobley and forward Tim Thomas. I think it's a move than can help both teams as Baron Davis gets a go-to post player to go along with Chris Kaman and the Knicks get Mobley and Thomas - who will benefit from a high-scoring offensive attack. Thomas excelled under D'Antoni before, so I can see him paying dividents upon arrival.
By the looks of things, the Knickerbockers are eying a potential acquisition of LeBron James in the year 2010 ... coincidentally, the same year in which the Cubs are eying their first World Series title since 1908.

That's it from me as I'll sign off from The Garden. I'm gonna catch the end of the Duke-Michigan game without having to constantly check on my laptop for updates and such.

You guys take care, and I'll see you soon. I'm sure of it.