Oklahoma passes Texas in BCS rankings as computers continue global conquest

Personally, I'm counting down the days until President-Elect Barack Obama puts together a committee to figure out how he will use his executive power to force a playoff system on the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Until then, we're stuck with computers making mistakes that even the smartest of the computer breeds couldn't fix.

Speaking of executive power, you think lame-duck Dubya is pissed that his boys got bumped from a potential title game appearance by advanced technology.

Don't get me wrong, I love computers. They help me put forth this blog on a daily basis. They keep the newspaper industry afloat. They calculate baseball statistics that really matter like OPS and VORP. And they provide those who sulk in their parents' basements something to look at once they go to bed.

But there are two things computers shouldn't be allowed to do: choose who plays in college football's championship game and choose a potential dating partner.

(Ed. Note: Yeah, Internet dating is overrated. Just like Big 10 football. Ha!)