Backcourt bungled? Thank heavens for Hinrich's injury

Photo Credit: Associated Press

It's never good to wish harm or injury on someone - it's true. But Kirk Hinrich's injury just might be a blessing in disguise for the Chicago Bulls.

With Vinny Del Negro struggling to find a cohesive unit and a backcourt mate for rookie Derrick Rose, a hurt Hinrich has opened the door for Ben Gordon.

Yes, that Ben Gordon.

The one that threatened to go overseas because he and the Bulls couldn't agree on a contract. The one who's giving the coach advice. The one who won't likely be wearing a Bulls jersey next year.

Yet, this might work out well for the Bulls, evidenced by Gordon's 29-point effort in Saturday night's loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Gordon's play is maddening, yes.

When he's good, he's like a microwave, giving the offense an instant spark as he lights up the scoreboard with a variety of scoring plays including a mid-range shot, a long-distance shot and that "giant killing" runner.

When he's bad, like when his shot isn't falling, the guy he's guarding's shot is falling and he's pouting. In those moments, he's worthless.

But a backcourt of Rose and Gordon, it's exciting enough to hope Hinrich and Larry Hughes sit out awhile.

Because to be honest, Hinrich hasn't been useful in more than a year. And Hughes, well, he hasn't been productive since he left SLU.

So if Hinrich and Hughes can stay on the sidelines and Thabo Sefalosha can continue to throw bricks at the basket, the Bulls will be able to put their best offensive lineup on the court.

Funny how things work sometimes.