Cards to fill a void tomorrow?

That's right, it's a bfeldt post for the first time in the bright history of TBDLinkS. And while I don't anticipate it being the longest post this blog has ever seen, it dishes some interesting news nonetheless.

Per Bernie Miklasz at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis Cardinals will fill one of their voids tomorrow afternoon.

The Redbirds currently have voids at shortstop, second base, starting pitching, relief pitching and left-handed relief pitching (there's a difference).

Later, in the same forum, but a different post, he elaborates by saying this player has not been a previous member of the Cardinals, which would exclude unpopular candidates for the vacant shortstop position such as Felipe Lopez or Cesar Izturis. It would also eliminate Braden Looper or Jason Isringhausen for any bullpen or starting position, although that is not to say the Cardinals wouldn't open up talks with any of the aforementioned candidates after this supposed signing.

The guess here, and the popular opinion in the forum, is a relief pitcher, specifically a left-handed reliever. The Cardinals' bullpen was atrocious last season, and arguably would have contended for the Central Division had it not been so bad.

Arthur Rhodes, a lefty reliever who compiled a 2.04 ERA with 24 holds last season, has had his name come up a lot recently, but that is speculation at this point.

Stay tuned...