Daily Dosage: Breakfast with links

Alright, so it's a slow day in my sports world so there aren't any recaps. Instead, you've got yourself a full helping of links.

And everyone loves links, right?

Especially at the breakfast table.

Just like everyone loves Salma Hayek. Well, they should. I'd like Hayek on my breakfast table.

I know the Campari people love her because this is one of their ads. I hope they're not trying to give her some of that infamous "Dirty 30 Juice."

Alright, enough. Let's hit you up with some quality linkage.

  • SIU is ready to dance with the (Blue) Devils on Thursday. And they're not scared. [Daily Egyptian]
  • The Cubs are opening the new Yankee Stadium [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Sadly, Lovie Smith doesn't have an interest in the Tennessee Volunteers football opening. [Chicago Tribune]
  • ESPN is closing in on a deal with the devil .. er .. BCS. [msnbc.com]
  • It won't even matter once Barack Obama officially steps into office and 'throws his weight around.' [USA Today]
  • Speaking of college football, the NFL needs to adopt its OT system. [4th and Fail]
  • Snobbery, Mark Cuban and the Cubs. [New York Times]
  • Fun with logos. [Blaze of Love]
  • The accuracy (or lack thereof) of preseason polls. [Rush The Court]
  • Drew Sharp guarantees a Lions victory, eventually. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Another anti-ESPN blog. [ESPN is Weak]
  • The goodbye interview with Fire Joe Morgan. [Deadspin]
  • Oh, and the best of, according to Deadspin.