Finding Fandom Part 2: A Strong Bond(s)

I miss Barry Bonds. I need to find a new favorite player and I need your help. 

So I went to class today at 9:35 a.m. at the wonderful Southern Illinois University expecting to discuss ethical issues in journalism. And while I did discuss ethical issues, the class also brought up the case of Barry Bonds. 

Sure, it was about grand jury testimonials and all that legal matter, but the only thing I could think about was how much I miss watching my favorite baseball player of all-time on the field. Say what you will about Bonds, but I go to the university recreation center at least three times a week and I see plenty of people who take steroids who could not hit more than 500 home runs, steal more than 500 bases and have one of the best fielding percentages of all-time. 

Out of all the players I have seen in my lifetime, no one has been as great as Bonds. When the game all but forced him to retire, I retired with him. Just talking about him for the brief time I was in class was enough to make me miss baseball.

I don't think anyone will ever replace Bonds for me, but just as the Chicago Cubs are my team, I need a player to get behind. There is plenty of great young talent in the MLB such as Evan Longoria, Joe Mauer, David Wright, Howie Kendrick and many others, but so far, none of them have captured my heart. 

A couple weeks ago I participated in a fantasy draft and I am hoping that being able to follow the progress of individual players over the course of a season will land me Mr. Right. But there is a lot of work to be done. 

I need a player with a sweet swing like Ken Griffey Jr. or a sweet glove like Khalil Green. I want to root for a player who shows up to play everyday but also isn't afraid to have some fun and be entertaining because after all, it's still a game.

Opening Night is only four days away and for many people it is a national holiday. Even I am excited for it, but I know the feeling will wear off quickly and I could end up just not caring a whole lot about baseball. After all, the Milwaukee Bucks are making one last desperate push for a playoff spot. 

Baseball will never come close to the NBA in my book so while I am soaking in the glory that is the NBA playoffs, I will be making sure to keep one eye on some MLB action to see if a player can catch my attention. When June rolls around after the NBA champions have been crowned, hopefully I will have a player to keep me involved in the MLB season. 

It would be a great way to keep me occupied through the June-August months, but last year it couldn't even do that as I kept up more with the NBA summer league and awaited the draft. I am a little more hopeful baseball can make a comeback this year since I will be living with someone who works for my town's minor league baseball team. 

I don't really have a list of potential prospects yet. I think Jacoby Ellsbury could win my heart, and I hate the Red Sox so that would be an accomplishment. I also like what Hunter Pence brings to the table, but he plays for a divisional rival. 

This is where you come in dear reader. Leave some comments about who you think could be my next Barry Bonds. I will be sure to pay extra attention to that player and if he ends up panning out, I will be sure to let the loyal readers of TBDS know. 

Until then, I will continue to think of a way to make Kobe miss the Lakers game against the Bucks tomorrow night in Milwaukee. 


Albert Pujols said...

Don't be afraid to believe in me.

The one said...

Albert Pujols is the greatest player in the game of baseball. He has a beautiful swing, is a great first baseman and he always looks like he is enjoying the game. He plays hard everyday and always comes through in the clutch (Brad Lidge is still wondering when the ball is going to land). If you can't believe in Albert, I don't know if you can believe in anyone.