Salukis in the City (of St. Louis)

Photo courtesy of my Blackberry

This looks something more like out of a Cheaters TV show, but I swear up and down I wasn't creeping on Coach Lowery. In fact, C-Lo gave me a nice shout-out when he saw me courtside when I walked into the Scottrade Center before the SIU men's basketball team's open practice.

As one of the few student-journalists here in St. Louis, I was surprised to see SIU open its locker room to media. Of course I took advantage of it.

Here are some of that segments snippets:

Freshman G Kevin Dillard on the fan support SIU gets when it's on the road:

"Everywhere we go our fans travel with us. And as long as we come in and take care of business, we’ll be all right."

Freshman F Anthony Booker on focus:

“We’re just focused on trying to get as many wins as we can. I’m not really focused on the crowd or anything like that. I’ve got a job to do and that is to come down here and win three games."

Senior G Bryan Mullins on the status of his foot:

“It’s OK. It’s a little sore, we’ll see. We’re going to do another practice after this, do some stuff and see how it feels then probably decide tonight or tomorrow morning."

Salukis in St. Louis [Daily Egyptian]

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