Houshmandzadeh goes from one really bad team to another

Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh announced he's decided to join the Seattle Seahawks over the Bengals and Minnesota Vikings.

So instead of going to play for a team that would be competitive for years to come, simply because of the fact that Adrian Peterson is on the team, Houshmandzadeh decided to go to another really bad football team.

Instead of catching passes from Carson Palmer, who is one of the best quarterbacks in the league when he's healthy, Houshmandzadeh will catch passes from a past his prime Matt Hasselbeck.

Instead of going to a team that finished 10-6 last year and won its division, Houshmandzadeh will go from a team that finished 4-11-1 and second to last in its conference to a team that finished 4-12 and second to last in its conference.

The deal is expected to be five years and worth $40 million with $15 million guaranteed. I guess this is just a classic example of athletes valuing money over winning.

Houshmandzadeh isn't going to make a big difference for the Seahawks. You have to have a good quarterback for a receiver to be effective. Hasselbeck won't be able to be effective from the injury list, and let's be honest here, Seneca Wallace, while a great athlete, isn't a very good NFL quarterback.

So now, without a loudmouth receiving teammate in Chad Ocho Cinco, Houshmandzadeh will dwell in obscurity while losing between 10 and 13 games every year.

I guess it's worth it when you're making $8 million per year.