If you're making a postseason appearance in a tourney no one has heard of, does it really happen?

I wanna be like John Mullin when I grow up. Covering college basketball, even if it is the Bradley Braves, is so much darn fun!

The last team from Illinois still alive in the 2009 postseason will have a chance to reach 20 wins for the fourth straight year when Bradley hosts Oakland in the quarterfinals of the CollegeInsider.com Tournament at 7:05 p.m. Monday in Peoria.

Oakland? The A's? Still waiting for Michael Lewis to find the Billy Beane of basketball ... especially if he finds him on the collegiate level. Especially if he happened to run SIU, that'd be super. As for the CIT ... um ... it's one letter away from being the [Expletive Deleted] Tournament. I'm still awaiting the response from the NCAA regarding The Big Dead Sidebar's Tournament of Basketball Teams That Really Don't Deserve A Championship Tournament But Get One Because I Still Want To Cover College Hoops Tournament.

Maybe I need a shorter, more catchy name. How about the College Underachievers National Tournament?

The Braves (19-14) have won five straight postseason games at Carver Arena but have not won 20 games in four consecutive seasons since a run of six that ended in 1962.

Seriously, the Braves are about to have a fourth-straight 20-win season. Eeeek.

Coming Soon: God Save The Salukis.