Talk about feelin' big timed

Luis already broke down the vitals of Stephen Curry's younger brother Seth so we all know just how good he is, and how good he could be for that matter.

But here's a fun thought: Why not reunite the brothers at Davidson for a Curry brother last dance?

Sure, Seth would be stuck in the same position his brother is right now, the NIT, but imagine that dynamic duo.

While that final destination seems unlikely, it at least seems fair to his now former team Liberty and its coach Ritchie McKay.

I am totally shocked McKay is even going along with it. Curry seems like his only ticket back to the big time after losing at bigger programs where everyone loses (New Mexico and Oregon State).

The fact that McKay was supportive of the transfer decision shows a lot about the guy that he understands that Curry wants to take his game to the next level.

Either that, or Curry has pictures of McKay doing something he shouldn't be.

Just kidding...kind of.

I've been reading plenty of stories about the whole situation and it won't be totally clear until we figure out exactly where Curry will wind up but I would like to know exactly why McKay is being supportive.

Poor coach must feel like spotting the most underrated girl in high school early on, becoming her boyfriend and then getting dumped when everyone realizes how cute she is.