Source: Calipari's dumb if he goes to Kentucky

John Calipari's ego reminds me of one of those giant, oversized Hershey's Chocolate bars that you find in your local grocery store.

They look good and taste good, but because it's so big, you get sick of it.

(That's what she said)

But it is because of Calipari's gigantic ... um ... ego ... yeah, that's it ... his ego is driving him to a job that could turn him into a coaching legend or drive him into the depths of college hell.

The Kentucky job is a bad job for all the wrong reasons. I will list a few:
  • UK plays in the SEC, not Conference USA. The road to the NCAA Tourney won't go through Rice, East Carolina or Southern Methodist once Calipari steps foot in Lexington, Ky.
  • There isn't a good football team to play the role of distraction if basketball seasons falls short of expectations (30 wins and a national title).
  • Speaking of expectations, "Big Blue Nation" has the highest, most unreachable set of standards in college hoops. They're like the cute girl in class next to you. No matter how good you look, how smart you are or how excellent you are in bed ... if you're not the team's starting quarterback, you're not good enough. This isn't the 1980s -- dynasties are a thing of the past. UK fans don't realize it, in fact, they still think Michael Jackson is a colored.
  • And finally, let's talk about facilities. I'm only about 24 hours removed from my Memphis experience, and I must say, the FedEx Forum is a mighty fine place to play basketball. Sure, not all parking lots are created equally, but Beale St. is a rockin' good time. And to be honest, the Tigers are a better proudct than the NBAs Grizzlies.
On the other hand, the Kentucky job does have its perks. And by perks, Ashley Judd comes to mind immediately.

But after that ... um ... crap ... yeah, Judd will have to do.

Source: John Calipari contemplating taking Kentucky Wildcats job [ESPN]