ATTN: Halas Hall: Tyler Thigpen is available

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
Somewhere in Halas Hall, general manager Jerry Angelo is asleep at his desk after re-arranging his NFL Draft board for the 1,763,528th time.

Someone needs to wake him up with Scott Pioli's office number, cell phone number, Instant Messanger screen name, Facebook profile, My Space account and any other way you can conceivably come into contact with the Kansas City Chiefs GM.

Because in this wonderfully technologically gifted world we live in today, there is no reason for Angelo not to be in constant contact with his cohorts.

I digress.

Get Angelo and Pioli on the phone and get them talking about Tyler Thigpen.

That's right. I didn't stutter. And if I did, you can't tell because I'm hiding behind a computer screen. So I'll type it again.

Tyler Thigpen.

The former Coastal Carolina product was nothing special in the season's opening weeks and really did not pop up onto my radar until I needed a third quarterback for my two-starting QB fantasy league.

So I'm assuming when Matt Cassel was sent to K.C. along with Mike Vrabel, Angelo's ears must have perked up like when a half-decent free agent QB that happens to be facing the Lions defense this week pops up in Yahoo!'s free agent pool.

Or something like that.

Thigpen threw 18 touchdowns (and 12 picks) which are Ortonesque numbers if I may so, but look at what he did down the stretch from weeks 10 through 17.

1,772 yards, 13 touchdowns. I'll ignore the eight picks only because the Chiefs made a lot of hay without running back Larry Johnson.

As for Orton: 1,195 yards, 8 touchdowns ... and just because I like to see you squirm I'll mention the eight interceptions with the caveat of The Neckbeard having not one, not two but THREE(!) multi-interception games including a three-interception game at Minnesota in what was the biggest game of the year.

Just thinking out loud, ya know.

So I'm thinking why not give Thigpen a shot. Team him with a solid, available wide receiver either through free agency *coughTJHoushmanzedahcough* or the trade market *coughAnquanBoldincough* to make the offense just a dash more potent.

Or they could always bring back Rex Grossman.

The choice is yours, Jerry Angelo.