Terrell, Torry and a strange NFL trend

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
This break from Missouri Valley Conference coverage is brought to you by some random NFL thoughts.

Terrell Owens will not suit when the Dallas Cowboys open their new stadium next season. Not unless he's wearing an opponents uniform. Dallas cut ties with the volatile wide out and I don't need a working radio to know Bears fans were buzzing about the idea of having one of the NFL's most talented players on their team.

Too bad Bears management was probably not listening.

Sure, Owens might be considered the worst teammate in the world by some. But he'd be the Bears best receiver by far. Granted, that's not hard when your No. 1 pass catcher is best known not for catching passes, but for getting pass interference calls on the opponent.

Yep, welcome to Bears football.

I know GM Jerry Angelo preaches good character players on his team and that might be the reason that keeps Owens out of a Bears uniform. This of course coming from the man that drafted Cedric Benson and Tank Johnson and gave lengthy extensions to Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs.

So what's stopping the Bears from >adding Owens to the Dream Team of Model Citizens?

Oh yeah, talent.

Because if you have talent, the Bears don't want you -- fact.

In other Cowboys-related news, Dallas is now down to only one Roy Williams.

Moving on to Torry Holt and a very odd NFL trend.

Holt, a Pro Bowl receiver with the St. Louis Rams, reportedly asked for his release Thursday. He has only one more year remaining on his current contract, but after having a rock-bottom year with the 2-14 Rams, Holt is probably looking for a change of scenery.

After reaching career lows in all the important receiver categories, hiring of Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo probably doesn't make Holt want to show up to Rams camp.

But what's with all these players asking for their releases? It seems like an epidemic. Why are all these multi-millionaires so unhappy they are basically asking for a team to pull its paycheck. NFLers must think they are recession proof.

Maybe this crummy economy is just a figment of my imagination.