TO goes bye bye

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
 The Dallas Cowboys announced the release of Terrell Owens, marking the end of a tumultuous three year relationship.

But what events led to Owens being released from the Cowboys? After the controversy that led to Owens leaving the 49ers, then being released by the Eagles because of how critical he was with management and Donovan McNabb, what is it that has led the Cowboys to release the super talented yet highly controversial receiver?

Cowboy controversy all began September 26, 2006. That night, it was reported that Owens had attempted to kill himself by overdosing on his pain medication. While the reports were later refuted, it was the first of many controversial incidents as member of the Dallas Cowboys.

December 16, 2006, the NFL fines Owens $35,000 for spitting in the face of Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall. While no one noticed it during the game, Owens confessed during a post game interview with the NFL Network, saying he got frustrated when Hall got in his face and acted without thinking.

May 15, 2007, the Cowboys start training camp under new head coach Wade Phillips. When an ESPN reporter asked Owens what he learned under Parcells, he replied by saying "Nothing, really."

Owens has also been marked for his numerous touchdown celebrations with the Cowboys. They include Owens pretending to take a nap on the football in 2006 after reports of him falling asleep in team meetings, mocking Bill Belichick in 2007 against the Miami Dolphins by using the ball as a video camera following Spygate, flapping his arms like wings after scoring a touchdown against the Eagles in the same year and eating the popcorn after a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers.

During the 2008 season, Owens often criticized quarterback Tony Romo and tight end Jason Witten, saying the two formed a bond with each other. Owens said Romo would look in Witten's direction during games before he would look for Owens.

It was also noted that Owens was constantly critical of Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett's play calling.

After all this, not to mention everything that went on when Owens was a member of the 49ers and Eagles, it seems that the only team that would be interested in Owens would be the Oakland Raiders. 

While there are plenty of teams who have a need for a quality wide receiver, I don't know if any of them would want to take a chance on Owens besides the Raiders. Al Davis has always been a fan of controversial players, and Owens undoubtedly fits that description.